Saturday, September 09, 2017

New Rules at Guadalupe!

Excellent news!

Read this.
Following last year's cage breaches (again, BRAVO Katie Yonker!) at Guadalupe, CONANP have tightened the rules and re-designed the cages - details here. And it gets even better: at least for now, it appears that the rules (English here) are finally being enforced!

Case in point, the troglodytes are furious, see at top.
Like I said back then, they are but a tiny obnoxious minority that appears to have severely overstayed their welcome, and we can all only hope that this will motivate them to finally fuck off.

And this?
Will the authorities finally clamp down on the fake out-of-cage science by the likes of Ramsey and Winram, ban the people on the black list and fine, and scrap the operating licenses of the enablers?

As always we shall see. 
There are now official observers on the vessels, and the transgressions are becoming increasingly difficult - so here's to a stellar season: with real ecotourism, zero cage breaches, zero shenanigans and zero Guadalupe Shark porn on Discovery!

Yes I know I know.
But hope, as they say, springs eternal!


Rob Allen said...

Just got back from Guadalupe, Mike, and even with the stringent new rules we had some of the best interactions that I have ever had there.

The vocal, 'trogolodyte' shark molestors will have to find something else to harass!

DaShark said...

Thanks for this Rob - and indeed, the sooner they all fuck off the better!

Huggybear said...

Wowza this Cobby feller/woman sure is a handful. She/it would rather see a population of damaged sharks rather than damage her/his own underwater housing?

When did shark diving become so cynical? Also perhaps the last boat she/it was on could speak to him/her and 'splaying why a sharks first mentality = happy animals?

DaShark said...

Indeed, there is zero concern for the welfare of the animals - and no, talking to her will have no effect whatsoever = let's just say the she and her nose rubbing shark molesting friends are known entities within the industry.