Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tiger Sharks in the Galapagos - Paper!


Check this out.
I must say that having gone there several times and never having heard anybody mentioning them, I was totally surprised when reading about the occurrence of Tiger Sharks in the archipelago - but then again, considering the numerous (possibly distinct) Green Turtles and their nesting beaches, it makes total sense! 
May this be a rather recent phenomenon like in Cocos where there however were previous reported sightings by Hans Hass and Zane Grey? Considering the tracks, quite possibly - but then again, who knows!

The findings?
Much in line with what has been reported by Adam and Richard in Raine Island = that most Tigers would remain in the vicinity of the Turtle nesting site but that some would roam further. The way I read this, this once again confirms that those Tiger Shark migrations remain highly complicated and mediated by environmental factors - which of course begs the question, what is the influence of the ENSO = there is definitely a need for longer term monitoring studies.

Anyway, very interesting indeed!
Enjoy the paper!

PS - turns out that I've really not been paying attention!

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