Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Elasmobranch Protection in Fiji!

Schedule 1 of Fiji's Endangered Species Act has been amended to include the Sharks and Rays listed at the top. This is on top of all species listed under CITES, i.e. the Sawfishes under Appendix 1 and the Basking, Whale, White, OWT, Porbeagle, Hammerhead, Silky and Thresher Sharks, and the Mantas and Mobulas under Appendix 2.

Yes I know I know.
It is not perfect - but it is certainly considerable progress. 
After the the failed Shark sanctuary campaign and especially, Andersen's ruinous Operation Requiem, others have had to pick up the pieces and try to re-establish trust, credibility, and a meaningful dialogue - and this may well be an indication that things are slowly looking up.

Baby step by baby step - and no, we definitely do not need your help!

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