Saturday, October 01, 2016

Squadron of Hope!

And talking of Mini Mantas.

This is absolutely stunning.
And if you thought that Mobulas were only filter feeders, think again!
The description reads (sic),
There's a few places that I dive and I saw it's getting better and better every year I visited. "Misool" in South of Raja Ampat is one of that places.

Thanks to Misool Eco resort who established MPA(Marine Protected Area) in the area. It changed the place from Shark's poacher campsite to be one of the best MPA in the world.

Recently year I spend time with Black and Blue Manta Liveaboard and we tried to captured one the most amazing phenomenon in Misool area.Millions and millions of Slender Silverside fish (Hypoatherina barnes) all over the reefs and created the baitball attracted lots of the predator. Long-horned Pygmy Devil Rays (Mobula eregoodootenkee) is one the most graceful ray to join this battle. A squadron of rays attacked the baitball again and again created very dramatic scene above beautiful reef in Misool.

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