Thursday, June 02, 2016

Is the Rewa a Scalloped Hammerhead Nursery?

And talking about Fijian Shark nurseries.

Remember Kelly and the Nukulau saga?
Here's a rather nice little piece about Kelly's research - which was incidentally already concluded and published in 2014 but that's Fiji Time for you!

But that's obviously old news indeed.
Since then, there has been plenty more research, much of which in cooperation with Projects Abroad, and the then preliminary case for the Rewa as a nursery is now pretty much a certainty, with those findings about to be published rather soon; and several people and orgs are now advocating a seasonal closure of selected parts of the Rewa estuary in order to at least protect the youngest most fragile juveniles.
And there's also other stuff going on there - but more of that later! :)

Keep watching this space!

PS: paper here!

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