Monday, December 07, 2015




It's still low season for the Bulls, and here comes a new Tiger.
We've named her Slick for obvious reasons - tho why she's missing most of her first dorsal will forever remain a mystery. Likely not because of some nefarious fisherman who at the current price of 150 bucks per kilo would have likely cut off all her fins; possibly it was a prop strike or maybe another feisty Tiger who knows.

Anyway, great to have met her.
Tip o' hat to intrepid Tumbee who's becoming a veritable Tiger tamer and did handle her beautifully, click for detail - and to Manoa, for missing his third Tiger in as many weeks!
Gotta be in it to win it buddy!

Welcome aboard madame!


Feh, I gotta give a name? said...

She looks post hooked, yes asian fishermen did it, and she looks pregnant, and besides other stuff as well.

Obviously a useless animal now for the likes of Julie Anderson and her Save the Sharks crowd, there's nowhere for her to hold on to.

THAT'S the REAL crime here Da Shark!

Sabine said...

It was sooo amazing to see Slick yesterday!! What a beautiful, impressive and majestic animal - and what great highlight to an already incredible dive! A morning I will never forget...
Thank you so much, BAD-Crew! Vinaka!

DaShark said...

Danke Sabine - Du hast da unheimlich Glueck gehabt!

Euch wuenschen wir gute Weiterreise - toent ja spannend!