Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lupe - heavily pregnant GWS?

Have you seen Mauricio's video?

That's one fucking big Shark - and not very friendly!
Named Deep Blue, here she is again.

But did I hear, heavily pregnant?
Were she a Bull, I would categorically state that she's big and bulky but certainly not pregnant - but not being a GWS connoisseur, who am I to say!
Looks like Mauricio and Skomal are of the camp  that asserts that the GWS mate at what they dub the GWS CafĂ© - but if so, how can those fresh scars indicate mating considering that pregnancy, let alone heavy pregnancy would only be discernible many months afterwards? Can't have it both ways!
Me, I'm obviously sticking with Domeier's theory (read it!) = that Lupe is the site of a GWS mating aggregation - meaning that the hypothesis that those are mating scars is totally plausible.

You GWS guys out there - opinions?
Anyway - what a magnificent animal!

PS - Michael here - not pregnant!


Shark Diver said...

My 2 cents, definitely not pregnant. She doesn't have the shape a heavily pregnant female would have. If she is pregnant, she just got "lucky" at Guadalupe a little earlier :-)

JoySeaGal said...

I assume shes been eating well in Guad. Now when it comes to Mauricio and "Hollywood" Skomal they seem to be exhibiting Munchausen by Social Media behaviors. It's common for people suffering from LSD (Lead Singers Disease) lol

Megalobomb said...

My opinion is also not pregnant. Sharks do get that baby bump right before their anal fins (i.e. Simon Pierce's pregnant whale sharks of Ecuador), but she's smooth. A big bold beauty nonetheless!