Monday, November 30, 2009

Pro-Shark Media

I did like this article.

Not only because of the interview with my dear friend Gary who along with the Swiss Shark Foundation he represents, has been a mentor and staunch supporter of what we do here in Fiji.
I like it because it's a perfect example of how the more mainstream media are thankfully slowly embracing the new image of Sharks and increasingly depicting them in the same fashion as they depict any other apex predator out there. Had this been a piece about, say, the threatened Amur Tiger, it would not have sounded any different - and that's a remarkable development in itself.

Kudos to Anne Canright for an exhaustive and well written overview depicting the plight of Sharks and the need to protect them.
Kudos also to California Coast & Ocean for promoting the conservancy of Sharks and for abstaining from any gratuitous sensationalism. Anne's article and this equally interesting witness account of the situation in French Polynesia do not contain a single reference to Shark attacks and have managed to entirely avoid the usual stupid stereotypes.

Now, if only the Sun could learn to do the same.

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