Sunday, November 23, 2008

BAD Publications!

Speaking of DEMA, I was finally able to catch up on several published features about the BAD Boyz & Girls.

Apart from Bill Fisher's flattering article and Terry Goss' unmatched pics in Shark Diver #17 (thank you Bill! kudos Terry!), there is an equally flattering honorable mention in PADI's Sport Diver October issue (thank you Kate Siber!) and I found yet another pic of one of our Bulls in the latest AustralAsia Scuba Diver, equally a PADI-affiliate.
Plus, Russia's premier Octopus Magazine is about to publish a fantastic multi-page spread, courtesy of our friend Sasha. As so often, спасибо Vakalevu my friend - and привет Julia!

Last but certainly not least, I had the pleasure of viewing a brand-new piece of Bijou Entertainment by Stan Waterman and Nancy McGee featuring Rusi and Manasa (in one of his last feeds prior to the incident) interacting with Scarface and the ever-feisty little Adi.
Killer footage and as always, wonderful narration by the Great Man himself - not to be missed! It's a bonus feature on Nancy's DVD "Rajan, the Swimming Elephant"(not quite pictured above), to be ordered at Nancy's website.

All-in-all very rewarding and an indication that we seem to be doing something right.
Go get yerself a copy!

And to all authors and image hunters, my heartfelt thanks!

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