Saturday, October 04, 2008

Signing off

Photo Copyright Michael Aw

OK, this has been fun - but it's time to go diving again!
With DEMA beckoning, this writer is off to Fiji and then Las Vegas.

Please come and see us at our booth # 1436 where we'll entertain you with wild, toothy and mostly exaggerated stories about our Sharks and our latest killer video edit!

Plus, you will have the chance to win an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by joining our contest! I can't say more but it's surely going to be worth your time, promise!

Or join in for drinks, killer steaks -and other happenings that will stay in Vegas- at my very favorite eatery, the unrivaled Palm Steakhouse at Caesar's. Check out this!

OK - byebye, hasta and moce mada!

1 comment:

stuartinfiji said...

Ok Mike,

Now I AM regretting not pushing to go to DEMA this year! A good steak in Vegas certainly sounds worth the effort.

Have fun and save at least 'some' iof the Vegas stories for your return...