Sunday, July 22, 2007

Scarface Superstar!

Ever watch E! Channel?
I've always compared the Hollywood menagerie to our own eclectic collection of friendly rogues and when it comes to Stardom and outright Attitude, no-one compares to the biggest and BADdest of them all, our utility car-size tiger lady Scarface!
Mind you, she's just a poser and quite literally, all mouth and really nothing but a mellow pussy - but hey, size does matter down there and our clients love her to death!

Whenever we roll out the red carpet, there she comes to pose for the VIPs: be it Ron and Val, Howard and Michelle, Stan, the two Michaels, Doug, Mark, Klaus, Gary, Juerg and most recently, the incredibly lucky Lawrence and his bunch of Shark aficionados, Scarface never fails to amaze and entertain our illustrious guests.

It was only a question of time when those images would make the transition from YouTube and Flickr to the A-Class - but still, what a treat to find her looking at me, cavernous maw and all, from Wikipedia's Tiger Shark page!
My heartfelt thanks, and compliments, to crafty photographer pterantula whose Fiji Gallery is as good as it gets! And it has not been lost on me that always sassy Crook has made it up there as well!
Vinaka vakalevu Terry!

Our Rusi has always been Scarface's biggest fan and it had always been clear to us that those two had something special going.
One day, he decided that it was time to put the relationship to the ultimate test, fortunately for me just as I happened to hover only inches away with my trusted 110 degree Gates SWP25, camera running!
Was it a reckless piece of showmanship? Certainly, and never to be repeated again!
Was it awesome, tender and did it once and for all demonstrate Rusi's skills and love of Sharks? Without a doubt!

Anyway, here's two JPGs directly off that footage. I haven't changed or cropped anything, except for downsizing the files to avoid any undue temptation.


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Wolfgang Leander said...

Wow!! Scarface is the one lady I HAVE to meet one day....

Wolf, totallly hooked on tigers!!

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