Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dr. Juerg Brunnschweiler !

Remember last November's post about our intrepid shark man Juerg from, of all places, frigid land-locked and mountainous Switzerland?

Well, he ain't no student no more!

Having delivered a whopping thesis about several aspects of Shark Biology, many of which have been researched on Shark Reef and my new home base in Tonga, he has brillianty survived a thorough cross-examination and now sports a fanciful Doctorate title!
And an own fancy website!

Along with having invented such useful linguistic weapons as the formal and informal "you", we Central Europeans are quite particular about such things and I already dread our next meeting in December! Will we all be clobbered into subservient adulation?

Juerg has just informed us that he plans to spend the prime Bull Shark season, January to March on Shark Reef. Planned experiments include wrapping up the ongoing small-scale movement study along with researching the Bull Shark mating grounds, general ethograms, dominance studies, food preferences and analyzing our huge data base. We're obviously eager to help and will piggyback by offering Shark Weeks, Shark Biology Courses and possibly, even Volunteer Research Assistance Programs.
There will be plenty of attractive options, so watch this space or drop us a line, whether you plan to come for a single day or for a longer stay!

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