Sunday, August 02, 2015

SoPac Weather - crazy!

Click for detail - Source.

The forecasts have it fizzle out by Wednesday, or drift towards poor Vanuatu - but better keep an eye on it in case things change!

Best of luck everybody!


the young bull said...

Ok. So I have been waiting for a more appropriate post by you, but it has not arrived. I have to say that the image of the Fiji Bull sharks in the August issue of National Geographic is incredible, with about 30 bulls in frame. I can only guess that the picture was taken with you at SRMR. I was lucky enough to visit 5 years ago and still will never forget my experience with BAD. Can you give us (your readers) an update with some of the best current wallpapers of your sharks. Hopefully that will be enough to hold me over until Of Shark and Man is released. Thanks for the memories and please keep on blogging.

DaShark said...

Yes it was taken at the SRMR! :)

I'll have to see re: the wallpaper pics as I've been concentrating on other stuff - but the OSAM trailer is out and it contains a nice gaggle of Fiji Bulls!