Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Off to DEMA!

It's that time of the year again.

I've packed my bags and am on my way to Orlando.
Beqa Adventure Divers are at booth # 679 and we all look forward to a great DEMA show - and to Doug and Emily's engagement party! And to getting my new video housing!

Remember this post?
Well, Shark Diver was right: despite of the recession and despite of Fiji having abrogated the Constitution and devalued its currency, it's been a fabulous year! Once again, we were able to welcome more clients, to expand the scope of our research and to make inroads in our efforts to protect Fiji's Sharks, this mainly owing to the Fiji Shark Conservation and Awareness Project and Fiji's contribution to the Shark Free Marinas Initiative. And as we speak, there's more in the offing!

Regarding the industry at large: it will be interesting!
Last time, my impression was that we were overly optimistic, that a lot of overcapacity needed to be whittled away but that in the end, those who did offer a quality product and real value would survive. From this vantage point, this seems to have largely happened, albeit maybe not as dramatically as I would have anticipated. In any case, all the "good" guys seem to have survived, which is great.

Anyway, gotta go!
Vinaka and Moce Mada!

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