Monday, July 09, 2007

Getting there...... but still a lot to do !!!

Want to learn holding your breath for minutes at a time?
Look no further than omniscient and dashing Stuart Gow of Resort Support !!!
All you need is a) Stuart b) a towel and c) a suitable venue (read: BAR) and you're in for the -chilling- experience of a lifetime!


Anyway, Stuart has just shot me an e-mail about Sea Shepherd's very latest sting and despite my reservations about Capt. Watson's assertive Conservation techniques, here's to an outstanding job in protecting the Sharks of the Eastern Pacific!

Closer to home, things are still in dire need of improvement.
According to the website of, of all places, the Environmental and Agricultural Information Center of the United Arab Emirates:
"Many of the Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Chinese and Korean vessels intrude into Fijian waters for shark fishing. These vessels bring in quite a lot of shark fins to Fiji island from where they are re-exported to Chinese and Hong Kong markets. The Fiji market is bustling with hectic business deals since a profit margin of about 80% is reported in some of these transactions."

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stuartinfiji said...

Goodness, not good news from UAE, got to go find the reference and make sure someone downtown Suva knows about this.

Thanks Mike