Monday, May 29, 2017

Competition: Who is this Shark?

Love love love this picture - click for detail!

But, who is it?
This is unmistakably (!) one of our named Sharks - and if you tell me the correct name, you can win yourself up to one week of diving with us.
Because we can! :)

  • Please only participate if you plan to take your prize; if you're not a friend who dives FOC anyway; and if you're not a current or past volunteer or staff member of Projects Abroad who has been trained in Shark ID!

  • Answers as comments on this blog - not on Facebook!

  • You can post as many answers as you like - however only one answer every 24h.

  • Today you can win seven days of diving; tomorrow I'll post one clue at the bottom of this post, and the prize gets reduced by one day; and so on.

  • One week of diving usually comprises 5 Shark diving days and two coral diving days. You win whatever is scheduled in the week you choose, on the basis of one two-tank dive/day. Not included are additional dives and extras like rental gear, nitrox, marine park levy, apparel etc.
Wishing you the best of success!


the young bull said...


Astrid Hanselmann said...

I guess it's a bull shark

daniel said...

Mhh game on - Whitenose (:

Bianca Klement said...

It's Mr. D!

Unknown said...

Looks like Amsterdam

DaShark said...

Bravo Young Bull, it IS Amsterdam and you've won yourself one week of diving - I might add, finally! Please contact adventuredivers(at) in order to finalize the details of your visit.

Incidentally, the Shark was named in 2007 - but when he turned up again three years later, we actually mistakenly re-named him Batman, a much much better name, and have continued to use that name since.

In fact, I've just found out about the mix-up, and Amsterdam will be accordingly removed from the website.

Ayesha said...

It's a bullshak and his name is AMSTERDAM

Unknown said...

Damn someone got ahead of me!! ☹️

the young bull said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity, I can't wait to return to Shark Reef Marine Reserve!!! No other bull sharks can compare.

DaShark said...

El Diego!

Which part of "if you're not a current or past volunteer or staff member of Projects Abroad who has been trained in Shark ID", exactly, did you not understand?

Or are you one of those folks who just read titles and look at pictures?


His name is AMSTREDAM in fiji!

Seahorse said...

Amsterdam - Lee Rattray. Love your idea.

Anonymous said...

Hahhahahahah Diego: TOOOOMA!!!