Tuesday, August 04, 2015

OSAM - Trailer!


Behold the official trailer!
Having watched the entire movie too many times to count, I'm frankly totally incapable of giving you an opinion about this - but should it have whetted you appetite for more, there is now a completely new, exhaustive website, and there is obviously a plethora of posts which I invite you to read bottom-to-top.


The Official Trailer for the groundbreaking, award winning feature length Documentary, "Of Shark and Man."

David Diley is a thirty-two year old man, trapped in a dead end job in England's industrial north and his life is going nowhere. He does however, have a lifelong dream...

Should David follow the advice of everyone around him and forget about it, or should he risk everything and against all the odds, take his one chance to fulfill his greatest ambition, an ambition which finds him in the middle of a feeding frenzy with sixty of the world's most dangerous sharks?

“Of Shark and Man” is a ground breaking film about one man's journey to get closer than anyone thought possible, to the world's biggest Bull Sharks and tell the incredible untold story of Shark Reef in Fiji, one of the greatest marine conservation successes of all time.

“Of Shark and Man” is an epic, incredibly ambitious and cinematic love letter to the world's most feared predator, in which, for once, the shark is the hero.

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The Sharkman said...

I am left speechless....... awesome filming.....so many memories of friends...both Sharks and Humans......Not to be missed!! I cannot wait for the full documentary...... David Diley has created a SHARKSTERPIECE!!