Sunday, January 04, 2009

Beqa Sharks!

I just came across this fabulous portfolio.

Colin Gans hails from Aotearoa where he's a founding member of SEAFANZ, New Zealand's premier digital underwater photographic society. I particularly like his Fiji Shark pics because contrary to many others, he's not gone super-wide. As a result and instead of being all teeth and head, the images very much depict the animals as we know them: beautiful, majestic and peaceful.

The pic above (click to fully enjoy) is of a very pregnant "Granma", the largest of our Bull Sharks.


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

...and FAT, lord almighty that gals a porker!

DaShark said...

C'mon, that aint the way to address a venerable old lady.....

But seriously, yes, she's huge!
From what I understand, the Fiji Bulls are substantially bigger than those in the Caribbean, like Walker's famous "Bahama Mama".
Go wonder why, maybe it's just a matter of habitat, nutrition etc - or due to the fact that the population is not really being targeted and that we may be seeing older individuals.