Friday, January 31, 2014

Tagging Sharks - Article by Neil!


And I cite.
That said, at times it is necessary to keep some information “privy” (i.e., shared only with regulators) such as the location of a specific unknown aggregation site but such instances are uncommon.
Remember this, and the debate?
To my knowledge, this is the first time that a researcher has publicly addressed my only reservation against satellite telemetry in general and publishing those tracks in particular, i.e. that like in the case of those Fish spawning aggregations, publishing the location of particular hot spots may be unwise.

I say, bravo Neil.
His article in Nat Geo convincingly and comprehensively refutes the various allegations spouted by the loony fringe against especially those SPOT tags. Yes the process is by no means perfect - but in weighing the pros against the cons, it is crystal clear that the advantages prevail. Plus, this is obviously an evolution where all researchers continue to refine their methods to make them as little invasive as possible.
Required reading!

And here's a plug for the RJD Shark tagging program 

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