Friday, January 10, 2014

Saving our Sharks: Shark Diving Protocols!

Chino - indefatigable and very much the mastermind behind these positive developments!


This is an excellent list of rules.
If everybody diving with the gorditas in Playa abides by those common sense protocols, some of the past conflicts will be greatly reduced, and everybody will be able to deliver a memorable, exhilarating and above all, safe experience to the clients!
And in the process, everybody will be earning a stable income for many years to come!

Great job.
Kudos to SOS, Razonatura and especially, Ixchel for a job very well done!

And here's another video - with suicidal turtle!

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IXCHEL GC said...

Muchas gracias, We can address to this sharks dive protocolos thanks to the work of all the shark Dive community of Playa, and also the very important and kind collaboration of the shark dive experts around the world. Again thanks for your time and the bravo!