Thursday, May 02, 2013

Fiji - Job Opportunity for Marine Scientist(s)!

Awesome pic by Ozzie Sam - click for detail!

The following ad will be posted in this Saturday's Fiji Sun.

Beqa Adventure Divers, one of Fiji’s preeminent shark diving operators, is looking to hire a Marine Scientist 

Required minimal qualifications
  • Degree in Marine Science from one of Fiji’s tertiary institutions 
  • Solid knowledge of marine ecology
  • Fiji national
  • Excellent computer skills, specifically in working with all Windows Office applications 
  • Excellent English both orally and in writing 
You will 
  • be involved in various cutting-edge research and marine conservation initiatives together with our resident marine scientist and various visiting researchers. If so wished, at a later stage, you will be given the opportunity to work on your Masters or PhD thesis 
  • be a full member of our diving team, for which we will train you to PADI Dive Master if so required.
We are an equal opportunities employer and do not discriminate based on gender, culture, rank, age or ethnicity, and expect the same from you.
Whilst offering you excellent compensation, fringe benefits and working conditions, we will expect you to be self motivated, independent and reliable, to develop your own initiatives and to always give us your best effort, including the willingness to work after hours and to continue improving your professional and academic know-how and skills. 

We will not tolerate any absenteeism, dishonesty and substance abuse, all of which will lead to instant dismissal. 

Successful applicants will be requested to take up residence in the vicinity of Pacific Harbour. 

Candidates are requested to send their application inclusive of scans of any relevant certifications by e-mail only, this to, after which they will be invited to attend personal interviews. 
There you have it.
The work is hard but very rewarding - but only provided that you really have a passion for the ocean and specifically Sharks, both in terms of research but also conservation. If not, and if you are merely looking for any job, you will likely not succeed, especially in the long term.
Also, whilst respecting everybody's culture, please take note that we do not run on Fiji Time and that we do not subscribe to the notion of there being a cultural exemption for non-performance - I'm sure you understand.

You can apply immediately when you read this.
We will closely scrutinize your CV and practical experience in the field is going to be a great advantage. Please also familiarize yourself with our activities prior to any personal interview.

Wishing you the very best of success!

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